Versions Of Research Paper

Don’t throw any of your research drafts and material away keep your keep your versions on on the computer it’s really easy to have version one version to version 3 then I’m also going to tell you make backups all Continue Reading

Writing And PreWriting

In the past there have been really bad things that have happened because there was no oversight so now we have to have permission what I would tell you is if you’re working with a professor a mentor they may Continue Reading

Conducting Sociology Research

If you’re actually conducting the research psychology sociology to all of those you’re going to have to have IRB approval institutional review board approval because you’re using real people if you are using little rats or mice or or whatever Continue Reading

Organizing Research Notes

I have seen the syllabi so I’ve seen where a professor will say you know you must use 10 sources you know journal articles books whatever but they can’t be anything over 7 years old so know what you’re doing Continue Reading