Writing And PreWriting

In the past there have been really bad things that have happened because there was no oversight so now we have to have permission what I would tell you is if you’re working with a professor a mentor they may already have that permission and you will be working under theirs so you need to check with your mentor that that that will make a big difference for you yes there is what website did you say we get burned all these I good i guess permission if you’ll just go to the TTU edu website okay and then look for institutional review board that’s for people and then the IACUC is granules and we had a student who was fish and they had to get the IACUC approval so it’s okay they rollin animals are all that we’re concerned about right now okay until we have enjoyed an IACUC the IACUC supporting behind. Learn the thought behind prewriting at Edusson.

They provide interview people no just I are people so I are because for people iacuc is for animals I realize this before we make a decision okay so how do you need how do you eat an elephant cut one bite at a time okay that’s how you’re going to write your paper ok is one piece at a time you can’t do the whole thing you have to write you have to write drafts and then you have to edit and then you re right and if you’re lucky you can get someone else to read it and if you’re even luckier ask someone else to read it out loud to you okay because then you’re going to hear everything you want to change so if you’re getting there if you’re getting someone to read it out loud to you maybe you don’t ask them to read the whole thing to you at one time just but it’s great so what we call you know you have to have your argument or your thesis what you’re trying to prove or disprove in your paper then pre right and the book that I got this out of said that prewriting was not writing your draft that pre writing is.

Writing as you are taking notes I have a problem with that because then you’re mixing up your riding with maybe they’re writing what you have to side so you want to be careful with that but if prewriting works for you if it’s a system that works utilize if making an outline works for you utilize that if it’s writing topic sentences you know if you write the first sentence of every paragraph and then you go back and fill that in it’s okay with me but it’s whatever works for you okay keep all of your drafts don’t throw anything away because you’re gonna sit down and you’re going to go oh man you know that paragraph that I wrote last night was so much better than what i’m writing today i want to use that instead and if you deleted it if you’ve sown it away if you put it through the shredder you are always going to worry that that was a much better paragraph than what variety.