Versions Of Research Paper

Don’t throw any of your research drafts and material away keep your keep your versions on on the computer it’s really easy to have version one version to version 3 then I’m also going to tell you make backups all right how many of you back up everything that you fried on the computer yay and the rest of you are going to have some day that horrible thought where your crashes it lost it okay back everything up one easy way to back up a single file is to email it to yourself okay it’s always going to be where we got before either okay we talked about prewriting here are the steps in prewriting okay. Read more articles on working with different paper versions on Edusson.

According to how to write a BA thesis okay this is an entire book about how to ride a Bachelor of Arts faces so in a thesis he’s looking at this and it can be anywhere from 40 50 60 Plus pages all right so good idea in a good place to go get some more information but you set up your categories you know what are the main areas that you’re going to cover in this and then you put them in the order that you want to cover them you know what’s the first category the second category the throw and then put items in that category if you’re taking notes on the computer then you can have a separate electronic file for each category and then you just take everything in whatever you want to do your word your PDF files whatever it is if you’re taking notes by hand maybe you want file folders I it doesn’t really matter to me but do what works for you once you got it all filed then you start looking for what’s missing you’re not looking at this point to say oh I don’t need that information anymore.

You’re looking for in this category where I say that I want to prove that three year olds don’t like cookies I’m going to need more information I’m going to need more sources and that’s the holes that you’re going to be all right anybody already pre right so it works you might want to try it and see what what’s good for you okay right drafts and then edit and wrap some more drafts and edit you are never ever ever and I don’t care how good anybody tells you your writing is you are never ever ever going to write the best version the first time so you start with your notes then you create sentences you can’t create paragraphs create sections and then you have your final draft it’s a step-by-step process but I will tell you this that one two three four don’t always go in that order so you want to start with notes and you may want to think about progressing sections and then go back two sentences and then figure out oh I have a hole there so I have to go back to note and start this whole process over again.