Using Library For Research

What works for me may not work for everybody so just create what works best for you develop that oh do you like this ah okay on your reading list but you want to have a list of books that you can pay or articles that you can say okay I need to look at these and see what’s relevant okay books journals private documents and how many of you know who your your librarian is for your major character library all right some of you dumb and that’s something you need to find out okay because that is a person who is targeted strictly for your major or toward your major and they will help yes like when you say a library and likes to play through your major I like like science and I like your department what time your actual major. Find similar articles on Edusson.

What’s your major a German major let’s see so classical and modern languages it looks like her name is Don an old calendar so here’s a list of the library here in the library and what would you suggest we I guess primarily use them for well I got I’ve never been appreciated with the librarian well right let’s call you to live when you are when you are starting a project like this that you’re going to want to you’re going to want to speak with a librarian and maybe ask what are the most reliable relevant journals for this topic that I’m researching what is due does the university mom any specific journals in this area that ah you know what suggestions would you make about this so they’re going to be able to help you they’re going to have a lot of college and it’s just right up here they’re ready to hand it out I promise they’re going to be excited to have someone come in and ask questions it’s a health sciences center yeah yes they do that what can you or TTU library.

So it may not have well you can certainly go to the hsd and talk to a reference librarian there anybody’s gonna be able to help you which we would be like English or like if you were doing something on poetry so I think the classical of modern languages and literature without a label is yeah but you know there may be others that are on tiered that I was hoping she is the English were too okay then the other thing I’m going to tell you is when you’re developing your reading list look for a bibliography that has been published in your area okay a guide that says this is the most recent relevant literature on this subject okay that will give you a quick you know access to the abstracts and you can decide okay I need to get the entire article or nope that’s not what I need in cooking go on but you have that opportunity.