The Key Question Of Your Paper

When you’re reading research articles look at the footnotes look at the reference list whose name keeps showing up if Ben Smith is listed as a reference in five of the six articles you’ve read then you know skip the articles and go straight to Ben Smith figure out what he’s written and read what he has written instead of reading the articles that cite him and then book reviews but not you know not the new york times book reviews is not what you’re gonna read in the Sunday newspaper you want the book reviews that are written there Pierre book readings okay. Learn how to formulate and answer those questions at Edusson.

I’ve read this I’m an expert in this area this is what I think about this book this article whatever it is that’s important no what what other people are in that area are set okay move from the general to the defined okay here’s my big topic and I’m going to have section 1 section 2 section 3 i’m going to have an inclusion and in section 1 i’m going to have this topic this topic this topic you can rot topic sentences you can write an outline but you want to go from this big thing to the much more j’en AI mean to the more defined okay from general to death then think about the length of the paper if it’s ten pages how many resources are you going to need if its twenty pages how many resources are you going to me and how much time you have if you have a semester to write this paper you need to start your or research that very first week it’s assigned if you have a week to write this paper you don’t want to wait till the night before to write it because you’re not going to be able to get all of the information you need to.

And then what’s the key question what are you trying to answer your paper are you trying to answer for psychology you know are you trying to answer you know what are the psychological and what’s the psychological impact of computer games or is it much more specific than that the psychological impact on four year olds who play so that’s what you want to do what’s the key question and what you want to know from that alright any questions up to this point ok create a plan what’s your timeline remember we talked about blocking time now you want to create your plan or what is your you know what’s your first thing you’re going to do research talk to a librarian start develop a system for taking notes whatever it is that’s the first thing you do then you’re going to have to find new materials what are the best methods for finding your materials what’s the what you know what are you doing this are you looking at are you actually conducting the research or are you just looking at secondary sources.