Organizing Research Notes

I have seen the syllabi so I’ve seen where a professor will say you know you must use 10 sources you know journal articles books whatever but they can’t be anything over 7 years old so know what you’re doing find out if it’s relevant and then pay attention to what you’re looking at especially if you’re looking mystical information where they say seventy-five percent of the people who were interviewed said blah blah blah okay well if there were only six people interviewed seventy-five percent and you can’t really equate that to the entire populations of the country for the world and expect to take more notes and you will actually use in your paper write notes and write notes in right now. Read more about organizing research on Edusson.

Then you can go back and say all right I don’t need that so we’ll cut that but if you’ve got more information is easier to write a good paper and cut out stuff that doesn’t belong than it is to not have enough notes not have enough information and try to fluff it up to make it fit those pages because trust me we all recognize cloth you recognize that when you’re gliding it I recognize it when I’m reading it so do those professors so take more notes than you think you’ll need and one thing I would tell you is when you are looking at stuff you can look at abstracts and metadata online look at that abstract look at that information and design is this worth reading the entire article is it reading the entire article thing you can say okay I’m going to scan this real fast okay i scanned it real fast I took a little bit of doubt this doesn’t really have any more relevant and even belong but if it’s an article that has a lot of relevance to what you’re wanting to do you’re going to read it very carefully much more slowly and you’re going to take a lot more note going to be careful with the notes.

That because that’s important so any questions up to this point we are collecting all the original materials I think there would be a collection of what you think is most important from the original materials from your primary sources primary and secondary it’s not enough I hope I humble people no no but you can certainly utilize an outline to help you organize your note of line comes I think it would come probably with all of it together yeah because once you start seeing what your notes are saying you can say oh all right well I’m going to need to say this in first section this in the second section and oh I don’t have enough for that second section so I need to find some more notes I need to find some more sources so I would tell you that there’s no step one step two step three I would tell you create whatever step-by-step works best for you.