Conducting Sociology Research

If you’re actually conducting the research psychology sociology to all of those you’re going to have to have IRB approval institutional review board approval because you’re using real people if you are using little rats or mice or or whatever then you’re going to have to get permission from the institutional animal control okay so if you are using anything that’s a primary source you’re going to have to go get permission and permissions means that you create permission means that you create an application for you apply for them and it takes time okay so there may be some reasons why Oh for this 20 page paper that’s due at the end of the semester you don’t want to do your own research but if you’re doing a thesis or dissertation then you have time you wanted okay think about the ethical issues of what you’re doing alright so you have time constraints but what are the ethical issues so if you let’s see. Find out how to conduct a research on Edusson.

Let’s say you wanted to figure out how long before a three year old would have a tantrum if every time they started to take a bite of cookie you took the cookie away from them hey anybody see any ethical issues with that yes yes besides just being me it’s unethical you know to let a child have a cookie and then every time they’re about to take that take it away from home you would create a monster so there are the reason you have IRB and IACUC approval committees is to make sure that the ethical issues okay we don’t want you as the individual researcher to get into trouble and we don’t want the university to get into trouble I see you see I I think is the institutional Animal Care and Use Committee family violence imagine what conditions that you would have to get if you’re going to use actual people to interview for your research you would have to get IRB approval what institutional review board wet wet wet is help an additional fee.

It’s here on campus go to the website it’s called the institutional review board so if you go to TTU edu and search for IRB or institutional review board you’ll find the website all even i if I don’t do my classmates should also that the condition there is not that this but it takes time it depends on how many people are ahead of you in the primary episode which equals epic which is you you really need to go to the website to see what their instructions are because I’m not an expert on that but you would want to check that out position how to select up for me or like a license or identification about interview the people they mail the cooperating because i have this provision and well what are our problem with it and and our issue is the ethics of it we’re trying to pretend you but we’re also trying to protect those people that you’re using this research subjects.