Body Of The Essay And Paragraphs

I’m going to blow your mind here I’m gonna make your five paragraph essay instead of being three paragraphs of writing and then two that are based on it I’m going to turn your five paragraph essay into one paragraph because two three and four all have the exact same structure topic sentence detailing your argument providing proof transitioning to the next paragraph because you’re structuring these in the same way once you get one paragraph structured properly then you can just write the next one in the next one based on that structure following this pattern YouTube allows students to interact with experts from around the world who don’t live near them. Learn more about transitioning between paragraphs on Edusson.

For instance David Hancock lives in America he speaks English as a native English speaker from America and he has this YouTube channel that has helped me to understand more about English and some youtubers also interact with their subscribers and viewers that would be another way to structure that argument you could also say because the because teachers and professors are vetted they know their material there is a group of people usually the administration in a school who looks at the work or the body of work of somebody who would like to teach at that school and gives them the approval to teach there they make sure that they have us the certifications in the education in the degrees and the credentials to provide a quality education to the students at that institution this benefits students because they know that the content they’re hearing is accurate and complete that would be a good second paragraph in the body then your fourth paragraph would build on that it would be the benefit to students of having access to experts from around the world the benefits to students of having somebody in person who has passed a series of hurdles that means that you can trust that the person in front of you actually knows what they’re talking about.

So you can see here when you’re when you’re making an argument it doesn’t matter what argument you make motorcycles are better than cars cars are better than motorcycles pickups are better than cars pickups are better than motorcycles nothing is better than helicopters it doesn’t matter what argument you want to make it matters how you structure it the point of this type of writing is to demonstrate that you can organize your thoughts in a way that then conveys those thoughts to someone else regardless of whether or not they are convinced or believe you or see eye-to-eye with you so the fifth paragraph is your conclusion or your outro and actually typically I call this Extro or exit to reduction I like I don’t like the term conclusion even though it’s the one that most people use because conclusion it’s tempting to say well in conclusion you don’t need to say in conclusion with a paragraph.